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Nidra Bedding
  To provide complete luxury comfort it is well needed to pay equal attention to the "add-ons" of luxury sleep i.e the pillows , cushions , bolsters and quilts. Nidra pillows, cushions and bolsters are made from siliconised conjugated fibre that provides complete support to your neckline and creates the softness that makes you hug it tight.

Nidra Fibre quilts made from the softest fabrics give you indescribable sense of luxury and comfort. The grace and elegance of Nidra quilts is brought by the eye soothing quilting pattern styles and colors they come in.

Available in : variations according to GSM.

Nidra Pillows Nidra Cushions Nidra Bolsters
Nidra Fibre Quilts    
Nidra Pillows
Siliconized Fibre Pillow

Size in inch : 27*17*4 Large (L).

Available in the following Categories:

S.Fibre Pillow Premium Quilted.
S.Fibre Pillow Majectic.
Fibre Pillow Deluxe.
  Stuffed Pillow

Size in inch : Size in inch : 24*16*4 (M).

Available in the following Categories:

Stuff Pillow Premium.
Stuff Pillow Majectic.
Nidra Cushions
Siliconized Fibre Back Cushion

Available in the following Sizes:

12*12 (S )
16*16 (M)
18*18 (L)
21*21 (E.L.) Plain
24*24 (E.L. with border serger & Quilted)
  Stuffed Back Cushion

Available in the following Sizes:

12*12 (S )
16*16 (M)
18*18 (L)

Nidra Quilts
Siliconized Fibre Quilt

Available in the following Sizes:

54*90 (Single).

90*100 (Double).
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